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Teeth Cleaning at Mayer Vet in Lafayette

If you are a pet owner, it is important that you take your dog in for regularly scheduled teeth cleanings as they are a vital part of any dog’s dental care. Because of the importance of maintaining your dog’s dental health in relation to his or her overall health, there are a number of questions that people often ask about dental cleaning for dogs.

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What Steps Need to be Taken Prior to the Teeth Cleaning?

The veterinarian will examine the teeth during all physical exams and, when problems occur, will determine what work needs to be done during the dental cleaning, like extractions. The veterinarian will perform preanesthetic bloodwork beforehand to ensure your pet is healthy and ready for sedation.

What Actually Happens During a Dental Cleaning For Dogs?

When your dog gets their teeth cleaned, the process is fairly simple. We will sedate them, do a thorough dental oral exam, scale and polish the teeth, do a fluoride treatment, and perform any extractions as needed. The tooth scaling (both ultrasonic and hand scalers may be used) will remove both tartar and plaque from above and below the gum line. By doing this, your pet’s chance of having periodontal disease greatly decreases.


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