Where are you guys located?

We are located at 2427 Verot School Road near Comeaux High School.

My pet is exhibiting _____ behavior, does he need to be seen?

If you are concerned for your pet’s well-being and it isn’t acting normally, then you should schedule an appointment. A complete and thorough examination is the only means to diagnose if something is wrong.

Are you guys accepting new patients?

Yes, we do accept new patients.

My dog or cat has fleas. Can’t I just give him something from the pet store?

Oral flea preventatives work the best for dogs and topical preventatives for cats. We will customize a preventative based on the pet’s lifestyle and species.

When should I spay or neuter my pet?

Six months of age is when we recommend spaying and neutering both dogs and cats. However, this may vary based on its size and breed. These procedures are highly recommended if the pet is not going to be used for breeding purposes.

Does my dog or cat really need those vaccines every year?

Because Rabies virus is transmissible to humans, it is mandated by law that pets be vaccinated according to city code. Core vaccines (DHLPPV and Bordetella for dogs, and RCP for cats) are given on a yearly basis. The Veterinarian will make recommendations based on the pet’s lifestyle and environment.