Mayer Veterinary Hospital in Lafayette, LA

One of the leading providers of veterinary medical services in the greater Lafayette, LA area, Mayer Veterinary Hospital, which operates under the leadership of Dr. Bill Mayer, has proudly served the residents of this area since 2004.For almost twenty years, Dr. Mayer has used his considerable knowledge and experience, which includes having both a Doctorate in veterinary medicine and a master's in Forestry and Wildlife, to help treat a wide variety of animals by improving their quality of life. He is a member of a variety of veterinary medical associations throughout the state of Louisiana and is always happy to meet a new patient for the first time.

Traveling to Mayer Veterinary Hospital

Once you are in Lafayette, LA, the trip to Mayer Veterinary hospital should take approximately 12 minutes and is around 5.3 miles long.  To begin with, start out by going southeast on E. University Ave/LA-182 toward W Taft St. You will then need to make a right turn onto W. Pinhook Rd/LA-182.  You will then need to make another right turn onto Kaliste Saloom Rd. Afterwards, you will then need to turn left onto Rue Louis XIV. You should then take the 3rd right onto Verot School Rd/LA-339. Your final destination, Mayer Veterinary Hospital, is located at 2427 Verot School Road.

About Lafayette, LA

Layette, LA has played a significant part in the history of the state of Louisiana, as it is considered by many natives to be the birthplace of Cajun culture. It was initially founded in 1821 under the name of Vermilionville, and in 1884, it was renamed to Lafayette, after the French general, which is the name it has had ever since. Much of the French culture that is so integral to Louisiana can trace its roots back to this area.

Main Attractions in Lafayette, LA

Due to its proximity to Cajun culture, there are a wide variety of eateries that serve this kind of food and drink in Lafayette, LA. Some of the most popular options among the locals include the following locations:

  • Café Vermilionville
  • Bon Temps Grill
  • Louisiana Crawfish Time
  • Johnson's Boucaniere

Sights in Lafayette, LA

Lafayette, LA has a number of interesting historical sights and places where you and your family can interact with various types of wildlife. These places include, but are not limited to:

  • LARC’s Acadian Village: this is an authentic 1800's Cajun village, complete with replica buildings, a blacksmith shop, plus various live events.
  • Lake Martin, Louisiana: a wildlife preserve that is home to some trails, as well as a wide variety of animals.
  • Acadian Cultural Center: Cajun history museum with artifacts, educational film screenings, & a gift shop.
  • Zoosiana: Exotic wildlife can be enjoyed in a free-range savanna habitat. This area also features train rides, animal shows, & a playground for younger children.

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(337) 988-3303

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(337) 988-1501

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7:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

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