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Today’s modern dog owner cares as much for their pet as they do their own family members – and that’s not surprising, given most of us consider our pets more than family. At Mayer Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pups like one of our pack through our affordable boarding program. Whether you need us to watch your dog while you're at work or even on an extended vacation, we're available for all of your canine needs.

Benefits of Boarding

Imagine living with people you love, but they speak Chinese and you only speak English. Sometimes, our pups need some quality time with others that speak their language (and we don’t want you to start barking at them!). Boarding offers dogs opportunities to connect with other dogs, play to their heart’s content, and get as much rest as they need to feel fully rejuvenated when they’re returned to you. Your dogs will benefit from:

  • Tons of attention: when you’re at work, let’s face it, your pup’s probably sleeping. At Mayer’s, your pup will be monitored by our staff throughout the day, so there’s always a pair of eyes on them.

  • Exercise, multiple times per day (if they can handle it!)

  • On site medical technicians: our licensed medical staff is available for any emergencies.

  • Proper food and adequate water: we monitor food and water intake to make sure your pup isn’t hungry or bloated when they return home.

  • Playing in a fully fenced-in yard with plenty of trees, shade and toys!

  • Professional pet care: we’re in the business of making sure your dog’s stay is worry free, and we stand by that promise.

  • Free belly rubs included! (no extra cost)

  • Any specific medication

  • Food (to maintain their particular diet – at the discretion of the owner)

  • Toys they can’t live without (only if there’s a favorite!)

  • Collar with proper identification (owner information/rabies)

  • Supplemental food (specific to the dog’s diet and breed, if necessary of course)

  • Proof of vaccination (can be provided beforehand)

Socialization, socialization, socialization

We can't say it enough. As much as we think of our pets as our own children, the fact of the matter is they are pack animals that benefit from socialization with other animals. Our boarding environment presents a prime opportunity for socialization because of the new places and new situations they will encounter with other dogs (just like them!) Boarding helps dogs reconnect to themselves, which will help make them happier when they’re at home with their humans.

Preparing Your Pup for Vacation

At Mayer's Veterinary Hospital, we're confident your dog will fit right in. But to make your pup's transition as seamless as possible, you should bring your dog at least once prior to their stay, especially if you’re planning an extended slumber party for them. The initial visit will help them adjust to the new sights, smells, and friends. It will also help having a familiar face for the first time in the new environment.

A Taste of Home

While we offer a full boarding experience, complete with food, toys, and even a free bath (after five consecutive days of boarding), there are a few items that your pups probably wish they could tell you to pack for them:

A Hospital You Can Trust

If you’ve never boarded your dog before, you might have some doubts. Most owners do the first time. That’s why it’s especially important to leave your dog with a facility that you can trust. At Mayer Veterinary Hospital, we have veterinarians and qualified technicians on-site, which we find is the number one reason most dog owners feel comfortable leaving their furry friends with us. Since we're experienced boarders, we follow all the rules: separate dog and cat boarding; large and small dog segregation; regular check-ins to make sure your pups are well-cared for; and more. Few boarders can boast about their own on-site medical team!

Dog and Cat Boarding

  • Separate Dog & Cat Boarding

  • Large & Small Dog Segregation

  • Large, Fenced-In Yard with Plenty of Trees, Shade & Toys!

  • Multiple Pet Discounts!

  • Veterinarian & Qualified Technicians On-Site

  • Dogs Exercised 2-3 Times a Day

  • Food, Toys & Belly Rubs Included!

  • Free Bath After 5 Consecutive Days of Boarding

If you’d like to learn more about our in-house Diagnostics, don’t hesitate to call today! Ask about our spa specials, including grooming options for any dog in your pack!

*Shared run availability dependent on the size of animals.

**All animals must be up-to-date on all required vaccinations in order to

board. The required vaccinations for dogs include Rabies, Distemper/Lepto/Parvo,

and Bordetella. For cats, Feline Distemper/Leukemia and Rabies are required.



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